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Terra Luna Park: Shining A Light On Man’s Greatest Achievement


To educate people on the efforts of both the United States and the Soviet Union to reach the moon. Terra Luna Park also hopes to inspire visitors through the accomplishments of space exploration.


Terra Luna Park is a monument designed to commemorate the accomplishments of the Space Race.

The park would include two free standing walls called the Walls of Monoliths (one for the US and one for the USSR). The black granite walls would have mission information and logos of various missions along with quotes describing each mission’s impact on society.

Eternal flames would also be part of the Walls of Monoliths to honor fallen spacemen who sacrificed their lives for their countries. Between the black granite walls would be clear crystal walls with laser etched spacecraft inside of them.

Below the walls would be a cascading waterfall to help provide a soothing environment for visitors to reflect on the countries’ achievements. The water supplied to the waterfalls would come from reflecting pools located behind the walls. The pools would be contained in a concrete structure which features a quote on the outside.

The walls would be bookended by concrete wedges featuring moon race quotes from each country’s leaders along with their respective program logos.

The centerpiece of the park would be the Terra Luna statue. The statue would consist of an astronaut and cosmonaut standing on a base in the shape of the Earth with a water basin. The spacemen would be holding a flag of their nation in one hand. The other hands would be holding up the Lunar Beacon.

The beacon would contain a laser. It would point to one of two reflective mirrors left on the lunar surface by their respective countries (Apollo and Lunokhod). The reflected laser beam would return to the beacon and trigger a LED array contained inside the sphere. This would cause the beacon to light up and shine on the park.