Augmented Reality (AR)


Terra Luna Park would utilize the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology to provide visitors with an interactive, engaging and educational experience through a free downloadable AR application on their mobile devices.

By using the mobile device’s camera, the AR application would recognize the aspect of the park being focused on and deliver relevant information to the device. A menu of available items would appear over the camera’s video.


The menu items would change dependent upon the object seen by the camera. This would include:

The statue: By pointing their device at the statue, a visitor would have access to a selection of astronaut and cosmonaut bios and video interviews.

The statue’s base: Focusing on a single name on the statue’s base would reveal a single bio of the person. Moving over different areas of the base’s Earth, the AR would provide information and videos of different countries’ contributions to the lunar programs along with splashdown details on Apollo.

The bookends: The program logo would launch a documentary of the program. Pointing the camera at the moon would reveal the various landing sites on the screen over the device’s live video.

The front of the black slabs: Focusing on a mission logo will give options to see mission videos, astronaut and cosmonaut interviews, mission animations and statistics.

The clear crystals: The user can select from various videos, a three-dimensional representation of the spacecraft/rocket which can be rotated by the user’s finger, or statistical/historical information about the objects.

The back of the black slabs: When the device’s camera goes over a particular country’s etched artwork, a list of all the people who worked on that country’s lunar program will appear on the screen.

To ensure the user is able to fully utilize and enjoy the Augmented Reality options of the park, Terra Luna Park would be Wi-Fi enabled with free public access.