The Patch


The Terra Luna Park Patch

In the tradition of the US and Russian space programs, the Terra Luna Park patch contains a number of symbolic meanings in the objects used in its creation.

The outer items represent the astronauts and cosmonauts involved in their respective lunar projects. The Apollo astronauts are symbolized by the gold astronaut’s pin. A silver astronaut pin was given to an astronaut when he was first chosen by NASA. A gold pin was given to an astronaut following his first mission into space. It was also featured in the Apollo 14 mission patch.

The Soviet cosmonauts are symbolized by a rocket shooting to the moon. The rocket symbol was highly used in Soviet propaganda about their manned space program including the Monument to the Conquerors of Space located in Moscow.

The middle tracks represent the flags of the two countries. The American side has three stars to represent the three crewmen who comprised an Apollo crew.

The inner area of the patch depicts the Earth in blue at the bottom and the Moon in gray at the top. The green arc in the center symbolizes the light from the Lunar Beacon. Together, the gray and green arcs form the shape of an astronaut/cosmonaut’s helmet. The small light/gleam in the helmet represents an Apollo landing area.

The stylized TL stands for the park’s name of Terra Luna.

Above the triple ovals are the dates 1957—1975. This time period covers the Space Race from Sputnik to Apollo-Soyuz and is the park’s primary area of focus.

The top green branches represent the laurel wreath used in ancient Greece for athletic competitions. The wreath’s use is to symbolize the fierce rivalry involved in the Space Race between the two super powers. An interesting side note is that the Greek god most associated with the laurel wreath is Apollo!